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Our Father's House Christian Mission is an interdenominational ministry that seeks to win souls to Christ and - once saved - to disciple them in the Word of God. Our desire is to encourage spiritual growth beyond one's goal to achieve freedom from a habitual behavior of flesh. Putting off the old natural man and putting on the new spiritual man is an ongoing process that requires a dedicated study of and obedience to the Word of God. The underlining motive for change must switch from pleasing self to pleasing God.

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The Basics
Located in Saco, Maine, Our Father’s House is an intimate, Christian-based substance abuse program offering a co-ed outpatient treatment, as well as a residential program for men. Founded in 2003 by Pastor Richard Martin, the non-profit rehab employs a mixture of evidence-based modalities and teachings from the Old and New Testament.

Accommodations and Food 
The residential program lasts 30 days with room for a maximum of eight clients at a time. The facility is a picturesque farm house sitting on two acres of wooded land. Residents share bedrooms with one another and enjoy basic amenities including on-site laundry facilities, a full kitchen and an in-ground swimming pool for the summer months.

As a community-oriented program, residents enjoy frequent day trips and recreational activities during their stay. This may include going to the beach or hiking in on the property or on local trails. The cost of food is included in the price and clients are provided with three meals a day. Those entering the program need only bring clothes and toiletries as everything else is provided. Cell phones and computers are not allowed, though residents can bring musical instruments if they wish as staff members and clients sometimes play music together as a form of recreation.

Treatment and Staff
Treatment combines CBT and Bible study, complemented by a range of rotating related topics. The full program at Our Father’s House is intended to be 60 days in duration with the first month spent in residential treatment followed by an additional 30 days in participating in outpatient programs, however clients can enroll in either track independently.

Treatment in the residential program runs from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm and includes individual and group therapy five days a week and nightly AA/NA meetings (two of which are held on-site). The on-site meetings are a mixture of Most Excellent Way—a Christian-oriented 12-step group—as well as a regular Big Book study. Family therapy sessions are held every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. Clients attend church on Sunday.

The outpatient program is more flexible, with daily groups from 9 am to 3 pm, covering topics like the disease model of addiction, emotional processing, communication skills and recovery management. All clients are expected to regularly attend AA/NA meetings and participate in the same treatment methods.

Those with a dual diagnosis are referred to outside facilities as there is no medical or psychiatric staff. However, medication management can be provided, if needed.

The staff for both programs consists of spiritual counselors and LADCs who work with the participants.

Our Father’s House provides individual, marital, spiritual and family counseling as standalone services at an hourly rate.

In Summary
Our Father’s House is a spiritual facility with heavy emphasis on the teachings of the Bible and well as the 12 steps. Its two-tiered program is affordable and appealing to those with beliefs strongly rooted in the Christian faith and who enjoy connecting with nature. While those suffering from co-occurring disorders will need to seek more intensive treatment elsewhere, Our Father’s House is an intimate and structured program that offers a solid recovery to men and women in Southern Maine.


Saved My Life

O.F.H. saved my life, the staff was amazing and so was the accommodations. My favorite part of the program was the individualized treatment and the personal relationships that I had with the counselors and staff. At any given moment if I needed to sit down with anyone, they were there to talk. It didn’t matter what time of day it was. Pastor Rick held church services every Sunday which I feel was the corner stone of my treatment. May God continue to bless Our Father's House and the staff.

I feel the presence of God here every day

I'm currently receiving treatment from Our Father's House and must say I'm very disturb at "Will's" thoughts about them, I'm getting the highest quality of care here. I'm graduating 60 days of program and have never felt so good about my sobriety. I went to Our Father's House web site and found out the real reason why O.F.H. relinquished there State license and Wills way off. This treatment center is awesome and the people here are as well. I feel bad for Will that he sees this good place in such a negative way. As I feel the presence of God here every day and get to see others get well daily to. I feel sorry for you Will. And just for the record, I found out there hasn't been a "Will" here as a client for years, lol.